Metallic Interior Design Trends from Copper and Brass Sales Portals

It’s hard to imagine a year in interior design without having any kind of metal becoming one of the hottest trends. From bronze to brass, and even copper, it’s always an element that’s hard to miss.

It’s not that difficult to see the reason behind the popularity of these metals. Even just a little shiny bronze item can elevate the look and feel of a room from plain to elegant. Here are some design ideas that clients could probably use when planning their interior, and more reasons for them to catch copper and brass at sales portals.

Metallic Interior Design Trends

A Touch of Brass

A room doesn’t have to be full on covered in brass in order to catch the eye. It can be one simple detail that serves as a focal point, or it can be several little items that populate the room.

In the kitchen, for example, a brass backsplash would go perfectly against a stark white tile layout. Copper-lined edges for cabinets and drawers, meanwhile, could make for a comprehensive tie-up of elements throughout the room. Copper rods can also be used to hang copper pots and pans, while brass faucets can serve as additional accents.

Depending on the visual aesthetic you’re trying to achieve, you can incorporate this against a plain tile wall, making it look rustic but modern. Either that, or set this metal against the backdrop of a floral or patterned tile backsplash to have that classic appeal.

Metal Panels and Fixtures

If you’re not that comfortable metals near the countertop and sink area, where it can be easily exposed to elements of water and fire, you can instead use metal sheets for the lower cabinets and counters. The reflective surface can help give the illusion of a bigger room, too.

Of course, there is also the option of using copper and brass elements on light fixtures. With this, you can have a touch of brass from top to bottom of the room.

Designers have a lot on their plate when it comes to ensuring that each and every element they use for their work will blend seamlessly. Enjoy easy access to everything you need to complete your design by sourcing copper and brass for sale from trusted suppliers like Rotax Metals.


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