Popular Applications that Have Kept Brass Sales Strong over the Years

Brass is a metal alloy of copper and zinc, and its varieties can change according to the formulation used. It has been used for years as an important material for many plumbing applications. Brass is widely used for manufacturing accessories, furniture, and lighting.

Popular Applications that Have Kept Brass Sales Strong over the Years

What does brass achieve?

Brass is considered one of the most popular finishes in the world due to its durability and versatility. This is evidenced by the fact that it is popular among consumers who require fabricated goods. There even different types of brass to choose from. From brass extrusions for musical instruments to naval brass for boats and other items that require corrosion-resistant brass.


Brass is used in mirror frames, lamp bases and other decorative pieces. The warmth the alloy creates makes it an ideal finish for office and home accessories. It isn’t uncommon for one to peruse a catalog or visit a furniture store and see the influence brass has made on modern décor and design trends.

Doors and cabinetry

Brass is a great addition to hardware found in doors, cabinets and lighting fixtures in the home. Something as simple as replacing the hardware on a cabinet with a brass knob can be quite the upgrade. In bathrooms, replacing faucets and plumbing fixtures with brass can be one the simplest upgrades a person can make to a home.

Brass in décor in the past

Brass in the past was used to make a bold statement. It was often used to create a moment in a room. Now the role of brass is more of a complementary one. The brass is used in everything from hardware to tiling to exude warmth. It’s most often used as a finish. Brass plays a prominent role in furniture applications.

Taking into account the various uses of brass, it is no secret that brass sales is growing exponentially. This can make purchasing the brass you need to manufacture your goods difficult. In such cases, it is important for businesses that work with brass to have a respected and dependable supplier of brass, such as Rotax Metals. Experienced suppliers often offer a wide range of brass. They are also more likely to be able to accommodate rush orders.

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