What You Should Consider When Engraving Brass and Using Brass Tubing

Engraving brass for name tags and office signs has been a standard for decades. The shiny name tags for office doors and desks and many other locations are a sign of importance and respect. They offer a professional, elegant look to any business. A touch of gold shows importance and a level of success.

What You Should Consider When Engraving Brass and Using Brass Tubing

A popular alternative to gold, brass is the most used metal for corporate offices and homes because of its shine, sparkle, and gold-like appearance. Engraving brass is traditionally used for its high strength, durability, corrosion resistance, appearance and color. It is also easy to work with. Alloy 35, also known as Leaded Brass Plates, are excellent for engraving purposes.

Brass Tubing Uses

Brass tubing is used in homes, offices, hotels and restaurants mainly because of its sparkling gold-like appearance. It is created through combining copper with zinc alloy. There are a number of shapes and sizes of brass tubing available. There is the solid round, round reeded, round spiral, square tubing and radius back channel styles. The standard length for brass tubing is 12 inches. It can also be ordered to meet the specific requirements of any project. Brass tubing is used for staircase railings, musical instruments (trumpets, tubas, saxophones), and in the manufacturing of furniture, fixtures and architectural parts. When ordering brass tubing, consider the shape, finish and type of brass that will work best for the particular project.

Where to Find Brass Products

Where should you source your brass products? One of the best ways to find an excellent source of brass products is to look for suppliers that have been in the game for a long time. Longevity is often a good indicator of how reliable the company is. After all, no one likes to work with an unreliable supplier. Similarly, longevity may also reveal the quality of the brass offered by the supplier. Businesses that compromise the quality of their products tend to close down pretty quickly.

Brass is a cost-effective product that gives the look and feel of luxury and strength. When preparing for a project that requires the use of brass, do not hesitate to ask respected brass suppliers, such as Rotax Metals, for their input on the matter. This helps ensure that the brass you use will produce a durable product that will last for many years to come


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