Sheet Metal Suppliers Allow Architects to Create Stunning Masterpieces

If you’re an architect, you know that a building isn’t just a structure. After all, why shouldn’t a structure be functional and beautiful at the same time? Especially in cities, buildings become as much a landmark as the parks, shopping districts, and other tourist attraction in the vicinity.


If you want to create excellent architectural features, you need equally excellent material to work with. In that regard, brass sheets offer plenty of versatility that allow you to achieve show-stopping designs.

What’s more, many contemporary architects have already used brass to stunning effect in projects all over the world. Below are just some noteworthy examples.

International Centre for the Arts (Portugal)

Created by Pitagoras Arquitectos, this four-story gallery serves as home to the permanent collection of local artist Jose de Guimarães, and also features an auditorium, workshop spaces, and offices. The stunning façade is cladded with brass, that allow it to immediately stand out from the cityscape. According to the architectural firm, their vision was to create a design where each component building works on its own while being in harmony with the entirety of the structure.

Sulwhasoo Flagship Store (Korea)

Deluxe brands demand deluxe shopping spaces, something that Korean cosmetic brand Sulwhasoo understands. So, for its flagship store in the affluent Gangnam district, it decided to install a lattice of brass rods that extend throughout the interior of the shop. The design was influenced by lanterns, which has an important cultural significance in many Asian Cultures.

The Urban Room at the Omni William Penn Hotel (Pittsburgh)

The Urban Room has been a popular gathering place for power brokers, and they no doubt appreciate the art deco style of the venue. The interiors are paneled with black carrara glass and brass trim, and was designed by New York-based Joseph Urban.

Why create a building when you can create a landmark? Thanks to brass, you can create memorable designs that glimmer like gold without the attending price tag. Of course, one cannot overestimate the importance of getting high-quality materials. As such, secure your brass only from trusted sheet metal suppliers.

These firms offer a wide variety of sheet sizes and offer other complementary products such as top-notch square metal tubing, making them a one-stop shop for all your architectural design needs.


International Center for the Arts,

Delicate brass framework divides spaces inside Neri&Hu’s Sulwhasoo flagship store,

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