Create a Beautiful Homeware Series by Finding Top-Notch Brass for Sale

Everyone wants a great-looking home interior, but great doesn’t always have to mean expensive. This is especially true when it comes to home furnishings, which lend interior spaces that extra bit of elegance and personality.


Knowing this, many designers have released a line of brass homeware and furniture that are both attainable and sophisticated. If your firm designs or manufactures such items, these collections will certainly serve as excellent inspirations.

Ghidini Giuseppe Bosco

This Italian brand worked with designers such as the Campana Brothers, Richard Hutten, and Studio Job to create its 1961 collection. This series, named after the year of Ghidini’s founding, features no less than 40 pieces, including larger objects such as chairs, to smaller ones such as beautiful brass rabbit figurines that many homeowners will surely find charming. Other complements include a very post-modern, hanging bookshelf, an elegant wine cooler, and square tables.

Valentin Loellmann

In a lot of ways, Loellmann’s furniture collection—which he debuted in April this year—is a marriage of two tried-and-tested materials. The fusion of wood and brass lends the pieces a sense of warmth, a considerable dose of nostalgia, and an abundance of elegance. All the pieces are supported by slender, slightly tapered metal legs made of brass. Says the designer, “”I like the visible contrast, but also the feel of soft, polished brass next to warm wood.”

Esrawe Studio

Lighting fixtures ought to be elegant so that they can function as design elements, too. In line with this, Mexican design studio Esrawe released in March their Prima Materia collection, wherein all pieces are made of wood and brass. The interesting thing about this range is that all pieces incorporate a unique mechanism to be turned on or off. For instance, one fixture looks like a metronome that you can swing back and forth to control the brightness of the light.

Needless to say, excellent home furnishings and accessories demand excellent raw materials. That’s why when looking for a copper and brass sales, be sure to work only with the most trusted names in the industry.

Manufacturers that offer top-notch brass for sale can customize the brass in accordance to the size, shape, and dimensions you require. Subsequently, creating your masterpiece becomes easier than ever.


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