A Copper Sheet Supplier Discusses Copper Trends in Interior Design

They say that interior design trends come and go, but it’s hard to deny that metallic is surging as the comeback kid these days. And not the sleek, almost cold look of burnished aluminum either—no, both interior designers and homeowners now favor the warmth and elegance of once-overlooked materials such as copper.


As a trusted copper sheet supplier might tell you, there has been renewed interest in this versatile metal. Used by humans for over 10,000 years, copper has found utility not just in industrial settings, but also in home accessories and furnishings.

A huge part of this resurgence is the inherent aesthetic qualities of copper, primary of which is its reddish-orange color and bright metallic luster. What’s more, it is extremely malleable and ductile, allowing the metal to be fashioned into a variety of unique shapes.

And as one might expect, there’s no shortage of ways for interior designers and fabricators to utilize this versatile metal.

Stunning Wall Clocks

The time isn’t the only reason to look at an all-copper clock. You can design such timepieces with a minimalist look, such as making the hands and numerals of thin strands of brass. A copper clock is an ideal centerpiece to living rooms, where it can serve as a wall’s focal point.

Unique Sink

Copper can also be used to create stylish oversized sinks that lend elegance to any kitchen. Such a sink complements granite countertops well, and its color gives the heart of the home a feeling of warmth.

Beautiful Chairs

Copper chairs can make a dining room look extra sophisticated. That being said, copper can also be used to make sturdy outdoor furniture, such as patio chairs. Indeed, copper offers a romantic aesthetic that silver-hued metals can’t achieve.

Stylish Shelves

Who said shelves had to be boring? Copper can be used for the framing to provide a not-too-bold accent of color that draws attention to the items on the shelf, rather than away from them.

If you want to achieve a modern yet warm look in your designs, your go-to material is most likely copper. If you’re wondering where to buy copper sheets and other copper products, online is the best place to start. Trusted companies, such as Rotax Metal, allow clients to order copper supplies from their vast inventory online—the epitome of convenience.


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