Stonemasons Should Begin Making and Engraving Brass Headstone Plaques

For stonemasons, and those who are in the business of creating headstones, work can be very sombre. Understandably, clients would want only the best so they may remember their recently departed loved one. Headstone suppliers should consider new and interesting materials to make their products from, so that they can offer a more diverse selection to their clients.

Granite and Stone Headstones

Most headstone providers will use granite and other stones, as they are hold up well to nearly everything like rain, hail, mould, and mildew. A granite headstone will also still be legible in a hundred years time. The catch is that it requires a good amount of upkeep from clients. After many years have passed, the cold winters, hot summers, and sandy and windy days will start to take their toll on the lettering of the headstone, making it harder and harder to read.

Stone and granite headstones are very common, so your clients may be looking for something that’s both more interesting and longer lasting.

Brass Headstone Plaques

Brass and Bronze Headstones

As a quality headstone supplier, you should be able to offer your clients the option of having brass or bronze plaques. Brass has qualities that granite and stone do not. It’s very durable and weatherproof, so clients will find the lettering doesn’t fade over time.

As brass and bronze are anti corrosive, the alloys will not break down when exposed to water. This means that headstones with brass or bronze plaques will last for many more years than granite, which wears down over time. It’s also antimicrobial, so clients are unlikely to see unattractive mould, moss or other organisms growing on the headstone over time. These properties add together to make brass headstones a product which requires little upkeep.

Brass and bronze are also lightweight and malleable, and they are affordable materials. It may be much more cost effective for families to choose brass headstone plaques rather than purely stone ones, so masons may see an increase in business and sales if they offer this option. As it’s malleable, it’s an easy product to work with, and headstones could be created using various methods, including moulds and manual shaping.

Engraving brass or bronze can now be done with lasers so that the lettering on the headstone products you offer will look as attractive as possible. Brass tubing, bars and sheets could all be used to create interesting shapes and designs on a brass headstone plaque including edging.

Source your brass and bronze from a reputable supplier, to ensure you’re getting the best quality products, and ones that meet your requirements.


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