Using Naval Brass in Elevators for Functional and Aesthetic Purposes

Brass sales to the interior design industry has been booming in recent years as artisans have begun to realize how many excellent uses there are for brass in their creations. In particular, Naval Brass offers many aesthetic and functional properties that designers should find easy to develop into products for both their small clients and large scale, industrial projects.

In commercial spaces, the elevator is often very plain and boring. However, designing the interior of an elevator with style and comfort in mind can make the space more interesting, which staff and visitors in a building will appreciate.

Using Naval Brass in Elevators

How Can Naval Brass Be Used Functionally?

Naval Brass comes in a variety of forms, including tubes and bars, when sourced from a reputable supplier. There are several things needed inside an elevator which call for these products.

A handrail is a must inside an elevator, and one can easily be created from brass using a relatively thick and wide brass tube. Brass is an excellent material to create handrails from, as it is very hard wearing. This means it will not break or dent if hit, marks will not show easily and the product will not wear down over time.

As Naval Brass is anti-corrosive, it will not react with water from sweaty palms or spilled drinks. The alloy will not break down in these situations, meaning handrails will last longer. Naval Brass is also antimicrobial, so bacteria will not survive long on its surface. This will go a long way to preventing the spread of disease in a workplace.

How Can Brass Be Used Aesthetically?

As well as being functional, Naval Brass is an attractive metal. It has a distinctive golden color, which looks appealing when created with a shiny finish. This will catch the light and reflect well in any mirrors inside the elevator.

If desired, a patina can be applied to Naval Brass to chemically darken its color and to give it additional protection. This deeper hue may suit a more modern and masculine commercial environment.

There’s no limit to the ways interior designers can use Naval Brass in their projects, particularly inside elevators to add style to an otherwise boring space. Speak to a trusted brass supplier about which materials would best suit your projects.


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