Tips for Improving Home Interiors with Bronze Tube and Other Metals

Design trends often come and go, but despite the frequency of replacements in style popularity, there are certain design elements that remain to be top choices because of their classic and timely appeal. One such material is bronze.
bronze tube
Bronze materials are highly popular because of its properties that can mimic the appearance of gold, but at a much more affordable price. While it’s also very flexible in use, it is very durable and resilient, ensuring the longevity of the item made with it.

Designers looking to make the most out of their client’s budget without compromising aesthetics can look to bronze materials instead of getting the more expensive alternatives. Here are some design ideas you can easily incorporate into your project, without hurting your client’s wallet.


A fast and easy way to upgrade the look of a kitchen is by upgrading the kitchenware. Bronze decorative plates can be a great way to add a pop of color and attitude on your kitchen walls. You can also simply arrange it on the table for a more stylish meal setting.

Kitchen Backsplash

Tile backsplashes are a great way to liven up an otherwise drab kitchen walls. The good news is that there are easily attachable backsplash sheets available now, which cuts down the work time in less than half what it would normally take. What would be crucial here is deciding where you’re going to put it so that it will perfectly accentuate the rest of the design elements you decide to incorporate in the room.

Living Room Furniture & Accents

Even in its most subtle form, you can count on bronze to draw the attention because of its color. Shine it well enough and you could have a bronze vase glittering like gold. If you want to achieve a more rustic feel, you can just let it develop a nice patina for added texture.

This is a great idea especially for furniture that integrates materials like bronze tube, such as for the frame. A glass top table can further maximize the visibility of the leg frames and body. Add that bronze vase to complete the picture.

Bathroom Fixtures

Meanwhile, this part of the house is one of, if not the most common location where bronze materials are used, is the bathroom. Here, you can use it for fixtures on the sink or shower area. Curtain rods, handrails, doorknobs, and other accessories could also benefit from this metal.

Light fixtures, decorative items, and even towel racks and storage cabinets can also benefit from metal elements like bronze. For additional texture and depth, you can also mix bronze materials with others, such as muntz metal. They look similar enough in structure to complement each other’s style.

Bronze Care

In carrying out your design project, it’s equally important that you pay close attention to the care of materials you use. Bronze, in particular, can get unintended patina from oxidation. If you’re going for a highly polished look, you should pay close attention to the state of the material, especially if you’re still in the midst of the project.

The good news is that it’s relatively easy to clean bronze. There are many cleaning materials readily available in the market, such as high quality metal polish. Just make sure to use a soft cloth so that it doesn’t scratch the material of the bronze surface. It’s also not good to over-polish the material because it can remove important compounds on the metal, especially if it’s an old or potentially antique one. You can also gently wash it first with warm soap and water, just to get rid of any dirt or debris.

Ideally, of course, you should pay attention to where you’re sourcing your project materials from. Make it a point to transact only with reputable suppliers like Rotax Metals, so that you don’t have to worry about getting the right amount or quality of metal products you ordered.

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