Using Brass Sheet Metal to Make Fashion Items than Can Beautify Homes

Brass can be used in fashion design to improve both the aesthetics and functionality of certain elements. A designer may initially think there’s no place for brass in their collections, but they’d realize this isn’t the case. Brass has been used in clothing for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

Practical Uses

If you look carefully, you’ll find brass on almost every pair of jeans and jacket you own. This is because it’s regularly used to make zippers and pulls on clothing, as well as buttons and poppers. Clothing designers were quick to realize how beneficial brass is in the industry: it’s affordable, plentiful and easy to use as functional fasteners on fashion pieces.

Brass is durable it’s made of copper and zinc. It has excellent properties which make it a practical metal for clothing fasteners, including being very durable and anti-corrosive.

As brass is anti-corrosive, it will not wear down or warp when exposed to water. This means that pieces can be washed easily, without the worry that the zip will no longer work, or that the popper won’t fit together.

Brass clothing fasteners are ordinarily made in factories. If you need a specific size or type of fastener, it’s best to speak to a reputable supplier. They can help you both source the right type of brass, such as sheets, bars or a brass channel, and help you to create your own products.

Using Brass Sheet Metal to Make Fashion Items

Aesthetic Uses

Many ways that fashion designers use brass aesthetically in their designers are similar to how jewelry artisans create their pieces. The metal can be incorporated into designs by creating beads, discs or pendants to either attach singly or as a trim to a material.

Brass ordinarily has a golden color, or it can be patinaed to a designer’s desired effect, which makes it visually appealing to consumers with different preferences. Using molds, or by cutting pieces from brass sheet metal, the desired additions can be created and sewn to a fashion piece.

As brass comes in many shapes and sizes, it’s better to discuss your needs with a supplier. Brass is an affordable option for fashion designers, but it’s always better to consult a trusted supplier for your needs.  That way you avoid wasting time and money because you will surely get the materials that you need.


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