How Kitchen Suppliers Can Turn a Brass Tube Into a Useful Product

Suppliers of kitchens who are looking to expand their range of products should consider how they can incorporate brass into their designs. As the metal is easily available from reputable suppliers, and can be purchased in various forms, such as tubes, bars and sheets, there are many ways for businesses in the kitchen industry to add the metal into their product list.

But why should brass be used in kitchen decor and plumbing, and how?

Brass Tube Into a Useful Product

The Properties of Brass: Why It Should Be Used in Kitchens

Brass is the perfect metal to use in the kitchen, as it has an extremely hard composition of copper and zinc. This makes it durable and hardwearing. It starts out life in a gorgeous golden hue that will patina into a dark brown and black tones over time, which makes it aesthetically pleasing in what can be an otherwise uninteresting room in the house.

As well as being a particularly hard metal, brass is also extremely malleable and corrosion-resistant, making it a great metal for businesses to work with. It’s also a great conductor of heat, making it a suitable choice for pots, pans, piping, and plumbing work. As it’s an affordable material, many customers are likely to be able to afford it, which will make it a popular product choice for kitchens.

The biggest reason why brass is a great metal for use in the kitchen is thanks to its germicidal properties: brass will kill pathogens after it comes into contact with them. The kitchen can be a work space that’s filled with bacteria, so anything that you can offer customers to minimize the spread of disease will be very welcome.

Ways to Use Brass in a Kitchen

To give your clients’ kitchens luxurious accents and one of a kind styling, furniture and accents such as breakfast bar stools, rails and lamps could be created and offered as part of your portfolio. Speak to a brass supplier about the different forms of brass that are available: these items could easily be created using a rounded brass tube, metal sheets or a brass square tube for a modern and geometric look.

There are also more traditional ways of using brass in kitchens, such as using it for water faucets, sinks and piping. In combination with more decorative ideas, businesses will be able to offer a range of products to their customers which will stand out in a saturated and highly competitive market.


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