A Copper Sheet Supplier Advises on the Different Metallic Finishes

Copper is such a versatile metal that it can be used for so many different things, including indoor kitchen use and outdoor roofing. Whether you are a kitchen designer or an architect, contractor or artisan, you will be interested in the different ways copper can be finished. It doesn’t just have to come in a highly polished form, and there are many effects that can be created for functional and aesthetic purposes.

Different Metallic Finishes

Hammered or Smooth?

While smooth copper can give some great finishes to your product, you can create a rustic look by hammering the metal. By using random patterns and different size hammers, an organic look and feel will be created, which will stand out in decorative pieces.

While a smooth piece of copper will give off a clean sheen, a hammered piece could provide more depth and interest when it catches the light.

A more functional way to use hammered copper is in kitchen countertops. Kitchen suppliers should take note that copper is inherently a soft metal, and although it can create unique and beautiful counter tops, using smooth copper for this purpose isn’t the smartest thing to do. If a client were to drop something heavy onto it or scratch it deeply, it can be incredibly difficult to repair and will be very noticeable. By using hammered copper sheets, any marks that are made due to dropping or scratching will blend in with the surface, but the aesthetic effect of a copper countertop will remain.


A patina is a film that coats metals like copper to protect it. Patinas give metals a different color and allow them to be used in different environments. Patinas can occur naturally over time, or can be created instantly using chemicals.

Depending on the products you’re creating, you can decide whether it’s more advantageous to treat your copper before selling it, or to explain to customers that the effect will develop over time.

If you are using copper for building materials, then a ‘living finish’ is one of best looks that you can go for. A living finish is one where the copper is left bare and not treated with a patina. This allows it to naturally oxidize over time, changing its color and look. This is called a living finish because of the time it takes, and the finish your clients will get all depends on the environmental factors where the copper is used.

Copper is a great metal to use in many industries, and one that can create a beautiful look when used in the right way. If you are unsure where to buy copper sheets or other forms of the metal, then contact your nearest copper sheet supplier. They will be able to help you find the best copper sheet available, and finish it to your needs and specifications.


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