Why Copper and Brass Sales Are Booming in the Machinery Industry?

In the machinery industry today, copper and its alloys, brass and bronze, are widely used thanks to their superior properties. Copper and brass sales are booming in the machinery industry because many businesses are realizing the benefits of using these metals over others.


Copper is a soft metal that is excellent as both a conductor of heat and a conductor of electricity. Most people associate the use of copper with roofing and electrical cable but it has so many other uses, one of the biggest of which is in industrial machinery. It is estimated that 15% of copper is used for machinery.

One of the biggest areas in which your business can use copper is with electrical motors and batteries. Due to its superconductivity, it enhances the efficiency of electrical motors. This is achieved by increasing the mass and cross section of copper in a coil. Considering that motors account for 69% of electricity used by industry, it is vitally important that your business is doing everything it can to increase efficiency and drive down costs. A huge benefit of using copper in your machinery is that it is 100% recyclable, meaning that you can recover and reuse all of it again.

A metal supplier can easily help you source the right kind of copper to use in your machinery.

Copper and Brass Sales Are Booming


Brass is an alloy of copper and is made by adding zinc, the more or less zinc that is added affects the properties of the alloy. Brass is considered to be an incredibly versatile metal, thanks to its low boiling point and its durability. This is the ideal metal to use in your industrial machinery because it is corrosion-free, it is a hard metal and it can cope with low-friction applications for a number of years without showing signs of stress. Some of the most frequent uses you will find for it in your businesses industrial machinery is with gears and bearings.  You can easily find brass for sale in most metal supply stores.

Making Machinery Parts

Copper and brass should already be featuring in your industrial machinery, but they aren’t this is an easy thing to change. By calling up your local metal supplier, they will be able to advise you on the most suitable type of copper and brass for your needs. There many methods by which you can have parts made for your machinery using copper and brass, the most common of which being extrusions and moulds.

By contacting your nearest copper and brass supplier, you could be saving your business money by increasing electrical efficiency and reducing broken or damaged machinery parts.


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