Why Contractors Prefer Brass Tube for Plumbing and Heating Fixtures

When contractors recommend using brass tube for plumbing and heating lines, think twice before rejecting it because of cost concerns. Brass does not only look classy, but also owns essential qualities that home builders and real estate property agents equally appreciate.

Here’s what contractors really think of when they recommend brass plumbing and heating systems.

Beautiful, Durable Brass Tube for Plumbing

Contractors like brass tube for plumbing because it offers important benefits. Firstly, brass fittings are durable and can be shaped to precise forms. It’s easier to bend and thread brass pipes than steel tubes. Whether you’re building a large or small house, brass can accommodate specific plumbing fixture shapes and length.

Why Contractors Prefer Brass Tube for Plumbing and Heating Fixtures

Secondly, brass doesn’t rust, so a smaller size can be used without losing the desired water volume. Brass tube has good water volume, too, because its interior stays smooth and produces less friction. Thirdly, brass tubing is not always more expensive than steel and wrought-iron pipes, as long as copper prices on the market have not significantly increased. Even when brass fixtures may cost slightly higher, their lasting quality will save money in the long run.

Corrosion-Resistant Brass Tubing for Heating

Brass tubes are in demand as heating pipes because of their distinct advantages over steel counterparts. Stainless steel may rust due to poor water and air quality, while brass tubes do not. Furthermore, brass lasts longer than other materials used in heating systems.

In addition, admiralty brass tube can conduct heat faster and better than stainless steel. Soldered brass joints are reliable connections, which also prevent leaks. Moreover, brass greatly resists oxygen permeation to avoid the formation of pinhole leaks. Finally, brass tubing features excellent tractability. Steel does not achieve the same tractability and can be frustrating to process.

Brass for Higher Home Value

Using brass for plumbing and heating lines can increase property value. Its aesthetic look and durability are plus factors for higher home prices. Square brass tubing used in radiant floor heating, for instance, looks beautiful and can keep floors warm during winter months. It can exude comfort and lavishness inside homes.

The next time contractors suggest brass pipes, you can relax and smile. They’re doing this not because they want you to pay more, but because it lasts longer and can increase property value. Paying a little extra for brass can mean a one grand markup or more for each house you plan to sell.


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