Why Interior Designers Love Using Brass Sheet Metal and Extrusions

While 2015 and 2016 were dubbed the years of copper, brass is now touted as “the interior design metal of the moment,” according to Evening Standard columnists Kai Price and Amanda Nelson. They noted the design transition from the rosy metallic color of copper to the warmer golden hue of brass. Interior designers see brass as an ideal metal because it resists corrosion and can be easily shaped into different simple or complex forms.

If you’re new to brass, here are the reasons why you should incorporate this metal in your future designs.

Durable Elegance

Brass is both beautiful and strong. Depending on the mixture of copper and zinc alloys, brass can exude a wide range of colors, from red to gold. Because of its alluring hue, it can be used to accent furniture and clad walls or ceilings, turning a simple living room into a classy one. Brass can be amazingly strong, too.

Bronze Butterfly On Wall

If you plan to use metal for chairs and tables, brass sheet metal does the trick. Brass extrusions can likewise be crafted as legs for chairs and tables. Mixed with wood or glass, they can produce gracious, classic designs.

Corrosion Resistance

Resistance to corrosion is another reason why interior designers enjoy working with brass. Brass with high copper content develops a protective oxide covering, or patina, which protects it from corrosion. The patina makes brass accents and furniture more resistant to moisture and weathering than stainless steel and iron metals.

Easy to Shape

Unlike iron, brass is easier to shape. Malleability is prized among interior designers who are wont to apply brass elements to just about anything. Its flexible form allows it to fit different styles as well, whether they are vintage, traditional, or modern.

For example, combined with wood, brass smacks of tradition and duration. It can be used as a vessel for a stylish candle holder and look quite classic with a marble lid. Moreover, being ductile, it can similarly form beautiful enamelled bowls, tumblers, and utensils. Religious idols, lamps, figurines, vases, mirror frames, wall clocks, and baskets can be easily made of brass, too.

The time of brass has come. As an interior designer, you’ll appreciate its durability, wide range of colors, and malleability. Next time you want a classic or modern look, you can simply turn to brass metal sheet and extrusions to achieve it.


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