Brass Sheet Metal Essential in Brass Home Interior Design Comeback

Trends in fashion, gadgets, automotive, and even home interiors come and go. Brass items from the 70s, however, are making a comeback in the interior design department, supported by professional designers and retailers. Local interior designer Maureen Stevens shares her insights on the brass trend as she relates the changes she did in her own home to TWC News. She refers to brass as the “metal of the moment” because it can enhance the overall visual appeal of a room. It provides elegance, luxury, and sophistication to a living space.

Brass makes a glamorous comeback in interior design

Qualities of brass

Brass is a metal alloy composed mainly of copper and zinc, and greatly resembles gold in appearance (metallic yellow). This may be one of the reasons why the metal is used to turn an otherwise simple home to an elegant one. Some of the common uses of brass are for musical instruments, utensils, and ornaments.

The properties of brass products play an important role in its comeback in the interior design department. Aside from its decorative features, brass items have a low melting point, which makes it easier for manufacturers to mold certain pieces. Additionally, it requires low friction in order to keep items such as doorknobs and locks in motion, and is corrosion-resistant when used with aluminum.

Adding brassware

Brass home fixtures and décor are becoming must-haves for those seeking to refresh their interior design elements. Homeowners can update their home’s decorations by adding brass products like doorknockers, chandeliers, and lamps found in many establishments. Brass pieces are durable and rust-resistant, and are more affordable than copper or bronze. They are made from brass sheet metal, which is cut and bent to form the shapes required in home decors.

Designers, fabricators, and manufacturers who wish to keep up with the brass trend need to look for high-quality brass materials that meet their customers’ requirements. Wholesale metal providers such as Rotax Metals understand the need for these materials, and provide durable yet affordable metal supplies. Aside from the metal materials for the home interior design industry, the company also offers brass channel and other parts for metal pieces needed in other industries.

Brass maintenance

In terms of maintenance, regular cleaning of brass decorations has an effect on the quality and overall aesthetics of a room. Like in any other metal, dulling is inevitable in brass or other copper-based parts. Brass items should also be stored in areas with low humidity to avoid dirt and tarnish. Homeowners must keep in mind to properly polish and maintain brass items with a soft cloth, or through the help of professional cleaners.

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