Hammering Brass Sheet Metal Products into Shape for Your Jewelry Work

The versatility and malleability of brass as a raw mineral helps lend itself to other constructive and creative purposes, such as making jewelry. Tammy Jones of Jewelry Making Daily states that she was looking to use brass for her next few projects after years of working on silver and copper. If you’re going for the same approach as she has, a company like Rotax Metals may have the right solutions for you, such as brass sheet metal stocks.

Alternative Metals for Jewelry Making-6 Reasons I've Become a Fan of Brass

There are some ways that using brass for your new projects will bring out a different side of it. All it takes are some tools and your imagination running wild for fashion.

It’s on Fire… Not Quite

Some crafts makers attest to the fact that brass products hold up well when exposed to flame. According to Jones, brass do not melt as easily as aluminum or pewter under torch fire. At the same time though, when you apply a burst of flame to a flat brass sheet surface, the metal itself gives a very unique patina. Patinas are also possible, Jones adds, when you expose the brass to other household items like vinegar and salt.

Hot Knife through Butter

If you are going to cut up brass in an orderly fashion, some metalworks specialists may recommend using plasma-arc torches to do it. The machine allows you to cut through sheets at least two inches thick. Safety is still paramount when using them, however; you need full protective clothing, special gloves, and a welder’s safety helmet to protect you against sparks, arc flashes, and electrocution.


Brass also carries some credibility in the visual effects department. For instance, a casual look at a brass sheet can easily fool you to think that it’s actually gold. Certain materials like colored enamel even stand out when you use a brass item as background.

If you’re aiming to use more metals as part of your new handicraft project, you cannot go wrong with using brass as a starter material. Place your next orders with credible brass suppliers like Rotax Metals and bring out your A-game in the workshop.

(Source: Alternative Metals for Jewelry Making: 6 Reasons I’ve Become a Fan of Brass, Jewelry Making Daily)

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