Muntz Metal

The Significant Role of Muntz Metal in Today’s Maritime Success

Looking back through history, it is clear that boats before the 18th Century were made using oak. This was a good option back then because wood is very buoyant and allows for distant sea travel. The problem many sailors encounter with such a delicate material is shipworm, especially in the tropical seas. These wood-boring mollusks could easily destroy oak and cause a lot of damage on a ship’s structure that sailing in open water becames very dangerous. (more…)

Getting to Know Brass, Copper, and Muntz Metal for Architecture Work

Construction is a serious job. Whether it is a house, an office building, a commercial complex, or even just a barn in the farm, having a great design of the structure’s layout is crucial not only in ensuring aesthetic appeal but also full functionality. (more…)

Achieve Elegant Design by Using Copper, Bronze, or Muntz Metal Tiles

Elegance is defined as the perfect blend of gracefulness and style. An elegant design is one that is attractive, sophisticated and often times elusive, making it a worthwhile goal to achieve if you want to improve the look of a space. Elegance certainly attracts a favorable and lasting impression. (more…)

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