Sheet Metal Suppliers Offer Different Variants: Which Should You Get?

Sheet metal is one of the most common industrial materials known to man. In fact, it’s been used for just about everything, from crafting medieval armor to constructing the fuselage of modern-day airplanes. If a project needs metal that can be easily molded into a desired shape, sheet metal is often one of the choices.

That being said, sheet metal isn’t just a single product–the truth is, sheet metal suppliers offer many variants to choose from. To give you a better idea of these options, below is a quick guide to sheet metal variations:

Hot Rolled Steel

As the name suggests, hot rolled steel is created by passing metal through rollers at temperatures over 1400 degree Fahrenheit. Sheet metal made by this process often has a thickness of around 1/16 inches to 5/16 inches. This variant is ideal for use in automobile wheels, guard rails, doors, and agricultural equipment.

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Cold Rolled Steel

Contrary to what its name suggests, cold rolled sheet metal actually starts out as hot rolled steel. After an initial rolling, it is allowed to cool, hence the name, and is then rinsed with acid before being subjected to one final rolling.

Because of the more complex manufacturing process, the resulting sheet metal is not only thinner but also stronger and has an improved finish. Cold rolled steel is often used in household products, such as shelves, lighting fixtures, shelves, and water heaters.

Mild Steel

Mild steel is actually a subset of cold rolled steel. Unlike the latter, however, this variant contains less carbon, making it easier to weld and manipulate into various shaped. You’ll often find this sheet metal in thickness ranging from 2391/1000 inch to 67/1000 inch, and is often used in automobile paneling.

Perforated Sheet Metal

Just as it name implies, perforated sheet metal has holes of different shapes and sizes. These perforations may be simple geometrical shapes such as circles or squares, but the patterns may also be more intricate. This sheet metal may also be manufactured from different materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, or bronze. Typical usage is enclosure sheet metal.

Sheet metal is indeed one of the most versatile metal products that you can get. From automobiles to appliances, this material is endlessly useful.

Of course, the end product you get from sheet metal is only as good as the raw material you use. As such, when procuring sheet metal, make sure to transact only with trusted suppliers such as Rotax Metals, which also carries square metal tubing and other metal products.

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