Why Copper and Brass Sales Continue to Rise: A Primer on These Metals

If you’re in the business of fabrication or machining, you probably know that brass and copper are two of the most commonly used metals in the industry. It’s no wonder then, that copper and brass sales continue to remain strong given the many uses these materials have. But what exactly makes them so in demand?

As it happens, these two metals possess many useful qualities that make them indispensable in metalworking. Copper offers many unique benefits that make it ideal for a wide variety of applications:

Corrosion Resistance

Copper sits low on the periodic table’s reactivity series, meaning it doesn’t tend to corrode like other metals. As such, it is ideal for use in plumbing, cookware, radiators, and other applications where constant exposure to fluid is a necessity.

copper and brass sales


Part of the reason why copper is often made into pipes is its excellent ductility. That is it can be easily drawn and formed into pipes. The resulting pipes are also very thin, making them lightweight alternatives.


Thanks to its unique properties, copper has natural antibacterial properties. As such, many hospitals use this metal in their facilities to curb the spread of microbes such as E-coli.

Alloy Material

Copper can also be combined with other metals to fortify it and lend it other properties. The result of these combinations are called alloys.

Speaking of which, brass is an alloy produced by mixing copper with zinc. This alloy has these key advantages.


Since brass is not pure copper, it costs much less to produce. However, just like its parent metal, it retains an attractive golden luster that lends object an elegant look.

Variety of Colors

As an alloy, you can achieve different colors by changing the ratio of copper and zinc, as well as through the addition of other metals. Red, yellow, and brown are just some of the hues you can create.

Thermal Conductivity

Another property of brass is good thermal conductivity, meaning it excels in holding on to heat. As such, it’s not surprising why it is often used in radiators and other heating equipment.


Sustainability has become a major issue in all aspects of manufacturing. Luckily, the brass industry is well equipped to recycle this alloy–in fact, in some countries, 100% of brass products are made from recycled metal.

If you need to procure either of these metals, make sure to work only with trusted copper & brass sales experts such as Rotax Metals. Suppliers like these can create brass or copper sheets, tubes, and extrusions in custom sizes, giving you more flexibility in manufacturing.

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