August 18, 2017

Traditional and Modern Methods of Engraving Brass for Sign Makers

Brass is a popular choice for signs because of its surface that ages beautifully in time and its impressive resistance to corrosion. Engraving brass consists of cutting, carving, or printing on brass steel plates. Some examples of brass signs are office and residential plaques for inner and external grounds as well as commemorative signage. If you’re new to using brass and want to know both the classic and the latest techniques, here are several methods for engraving brass. (more…)

Why Furniture Manufacturers Are Using Brass Channel for Lamps and Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures with brass elements are coming back strong, thanks to customers who love either a touch of brass or all-brass appliances. Most love its golden color, while others are surprised to learn of its other interesting hues! Furniture makers agree with their clients that brass is one of the best materials for making lighting products for many other reasons. (more…)

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